Proud Mary Review

We’re running out of places to go ! Sick of going to the same places for lunch. Thought about going to the old faithful Hammer and Tong, but it was Mother’s day and it was packed, queueing up outside as well. IK hates waiting for a table so she suggested Proud Mary which we haven’t been for a while now. Don’t think the menu has changed since we were their last around 1 yr now!  they do have specials on the board which changes.

Proud Mary Menu
Proud Mary Menu

They seem to roast their own beans. I know you should have the temperature of the milk at around 60 degrees otherwise you tend to burn it and lose the sweetness. But I thought it was a bit too cold and tepid. probably at 50-55 degrees. ( I know I’m picky). Otherwise still good.

Cafe Latte @ Proud Mary

Rosettas and Hearts for the latte art. Important for any good coffee is the visual aspect. They also have filtered coffees and cold drips. The girl next to us ordered like 4 cold drips. I mean they are small, but my rule of thumb is never to have more then 2 coffees (use to be 1) a day. Just overkill! Guess she really loved her coffees!

Another Cafe Latte @ Proud Mary

So pondered through the menu, couldn’t really up my mind. I then start looking around other people to see what they have. Went for the Potato Hash which has charred kale, double smoked bacon, an organic poached egg and potato hash. It was quite filling, The bacon was suprisingly good, usually most cafes go for the safeway middle bacon or something and it is a bit boring. You would think I can cook that bacon at home why should I be ordering bacon. But this was thicker, nice fat rendered through as well. A little bit of dill on that and waaalaaa. Look simple and fairly tasty.

Potato Hash

IK pondered as well. I don’t know if its a good sign we couldn’t decide what to have. She opted for the Parmesan pudding. Jamon, Asparagus, poached egg and parmesan pudding on french toast. What can I say if IK finishes it whole, it means its acceptable for her standard. (She is hard to please! Women nowadays!) I didn’t have a taste of it so I can’t really comment on it. Sounds good, looks good, probably tastes good.

Parmesen Pudding

Overall, its been a while since we have been here. I don’t think it has been as busy as we got spots immediately. I guess with all these different cafes opening up around the area, there are much more choices now. Good thing they take AMEX – x 3 points for me ! yay. I guess as everyone gets more particular with the fine dining brunch places, the competition will continue to heat up.

Rating 13/20

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Supernormal Canteen Flinders Lane soft opening review

We decided to try out Supernormal after seeing it after going to On Nom last week. Pretty much directly opposite Adelphi Hotel they hae occupied this large space with a spiral staircase that leads to a private dining area and the toilets.

Once we went in, the staff told us today is a “soft opening” so theres only going to be a banquet on the menu for $50! Bargain I thought.

Once you enter, it reminds you of Golden Fields in St Kilda ( now closed). I haven’t had the chance to go to their pop up restaurant next to Cutler & Co. Big Long bar table and a long open kitchen which I love. Lots of smaller tables, some round and some “car seats”. We sat down and first thing we noticed was the salt in a little bucket (Obviously still kept that from Golden Fields)

7 spices, sesame seeds, sea salt and soy
7 spices, sesame seeds, sea salt and soy

$50 Banquet was a steal. 16 Dishes on the Menu!


Lots of fluorescent lights around, including a light box in the front which has スノ written on it (SU NO) in english.


Alright. First dish was House Pickles. Fennel, baby carrots and shiitake mushrooms. It was a bit too sour for our liking, but guess it opened our palates for the remaining 15 dishes.

House Pickles

The second was Cucumber with sesame. Looks like the Japanese sweet Dango, again this was pickled so a little on the sour side. This was crunchy and refreshing.

Cucumber with Sesame

Also had an extensive wine list and non-alcoholic drinks. Felt like having the 2 Brothers Kung Foo Rice Lager. Light and refreshing.


2 brothers Kung Foo Lager

Next up, Moonlight Flat clair de clune oysters. Standard stuff with a wedge of lemon.

Moonlight Flat clair de clune oysters

Rice Cake, chilli, sesame. Can you start to see some Korean influence in their dishes. It was crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. IK preferred the traditional tteokbokki.

Rice Cake, Chilli, Sesame.

Lots of cold dishes tonight. This one was Duck fish, white soy, Laver. If anyone had their Wagyu Tataki at Golden Fields, I would highly recommend it. Not sure if they will have something similar on their up coming menu.

Duck fish, white soy, Laver

Another sashimi dish. Pickled Bonito, Wasabi Leaf. Again fresh and tasty.

Pickled Bonito, Wasabi Leaf

Raw Ama Ebi Prawns. Looks like Prawns and Eggs from a distance! More like chinese cabbage

Raw ama Prawns

Another old dish, brisket with what looks like “dao ban” sauce.

SzeSchuan peppered Blackmore wagyu brisket

Asians don’t really like chicken breasts very much as they are known to be rough and lacks taste compared to the chicken thigh. This chicken was very tender and reminds me of mum making shredded chicken with cucumber, white sesame sauce and glass noodles. If only they had that component in it!

White cut Chicken, Black Sesame

chicken and prawn dumplings. Now, this is pretty much wan tons with hot chilli sauce. I think you have to go for the original ones you get like from Hu Tong or Din Tai Fung.

Chicken and Prawn Dumplings

My niece’s favourite dish. EGGPLANT. this was one of our favourite dishes. Eggplant was braised nice and soft and with home made Tofu. Winner for me.

Spicy Braised Eggplant, home made Tofu

Finally onto the main course dish lol. Wagyu Short Rib, Crispy Tripe and Peppered Sauce This came with lettuce and pear slices which you can wrap it in. Crispy Tripe was amazing, something you don’t see in Western Cuisine. Beef was tender and soft. Peppered sauce had that extra kick. You can definitely see the Chinese inspired flavours in this.

Wagyu Short Rib, Crispy Tripe and Peppered Sauce
Lettuce, Raddicchio and pears to go with the Beef.

Was too busy eating, had to go to the loo! went down this spiral staircase which had a private dining room and a vending machine which sold polky for $2.

Downstairs Supernormal
Vending Machine


Toilets. Just to make sure you go to the right one!













Ok, hold your breath, suck your gut in we have 3 dishes to go. Dessert time! Next up, almond cake, Vanilla Ice cream, plum granita & Mandarin. This was refreshing. IK didn’t like the granita, reminded her of cough medicine! Harsh! Shes quite picky with particular flavours. I was brought up to eat anything and almost everything.

Almond Cake, Vanilla Ice cream, Plum Granita & Mandarin

The Peanut Butter Parfait was a killer. So rich but so good.

Peanut Butter Parfait

Finally a little chocolate cookie to finish up. Palate didn’t feel too sweet after having this.

Chocolate cookie

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Rating 16/20

Would i go back – Definitely.

Dish of the day – So many! but loved the eggplant.

Catch of the day – $50 for the banquet per person! Don’t think they will do something like that when it opens! Lucky to have

Disappointment of the day – Forgot to bring my camera. Resorted to using my phone!