Soul Seaduction Review – Wine Wars Event

Sorry. Haven’t posted for a while. Quite a few places this past month i’ve been wanting to write a review. Been to a wedding in Gold coast earlier this month so thought I might write about it as it was interesting.

I had to organise bucks for my mate and thought we might go somewhere nice. I have absolutely no idea where to go in Gold Coast, but his requests were – wanted good view, somewhere high.

Theres a few tall buildings now in Gold Coast. The last time I visited there was around 8 years ago. things have changed. Theres the big Q1 building and now theres the soul building which is in the heart of Surfers Paradise. So googled it up and found Seaduction (which is a restaurant in Soul). Originally we just wanted a small room with some friends to have dinner. However, the lady told me when I booked that there was an event on called Wine Wars. – Basically 2 winemakers battle it out to become the Wine favourite region. The even was hosted by Nick Stock – who regularly hosts these events and through the gourmet traveller as well. The 2 wines were 1. William Downie and 2. Dalrymple. William Downie wines are based in Gippsland and Mornington Penninsula and the Dalrymple is based in Tasmania. Coming up from Victoria, we had a huge advantage as I will tell you guys later on why.

So tonight was a 5 course degustation with matching wines from each region. Started off with a sparkling champagne on arrival and were led to our table.  Then we tasted 2 glasses of wine for each course (we had about 10 glasses in total)! There were probably 50 people that night. Menu was based on seafood – thus naming it SEADUCTION restaurant!

5 Course Degustation Menu with matching wines

First course was the Froe Gras Parfait with WA langoustines, tarragon sponge, and a light truffle powder with brioche soil. This was delicious indeed. Yummy Langoustines, and the froe gras parfait was divine.

Froe Gras Parfait with WA langoustines, tarragon sponge, and a light truffle powder with brioche soil

Lots of wine. Mainly reds. don’t ask me what was what, was too pissed to remember! There was a game we had to play. Which was everyone on the table had to vote which wine was which. As I mentioned before, coming from Victoria had a huge advantage. Well, I knew where the wines were probably from just by the colour and taste. Most of the reds were Pinot Noirs, Tasmania, being a cooler climate had a lighter colour and lighter intensity. I’ll tell you what the prize was a bit later as we ended up guessing 100% of the wines correctly.

lots of pinot
2 glasses of wine for each course!


The Second course was Seared diver scallops. (Again the aperture was too high on my camera, totally forgot what else it had. Anyway some great scallops we had there.

Seared diver scallops

The Third Course was an atlantic salmon fifty degree with spheres of goat yoghurt, lightly caramalised chicken wing cauliflower puree. One of our friends didn’t like the sous vide way. I certainly did. As a foodie, you have to be open to all types of techniques, and when its sous vide at such a temperature, the salmon will not be overcooked at all. Portion was small but was tasty indeed.

atlantic salmon fifty degree with spheres of goat yoghurt, lightly caramalised chicken wing cauliflower puree.

Our fourth course for dessert was raspberry and beetroot, with rose petal, white peach gel, some chocolate and gold leaf on top. (sorry I can’t read my menu). Again, tasty with smart flavours and combination.


Lastly we have some petit of fours – macarons, honeycomb, some dark and white chocolate. I just wished they had another course or something. There was obviously way too much wine but not enough food!

Petit of Fours

So in the end, because we guessed all the wines correctly our prize was a bottle of magnum Jansz. Perfect present for the buck!

We also played another game where everyone had to answer questions to the wine given. Again the buck was the last man standing and he won ANOTHER bottle of Janz!

We’ve been pretty lucky indeed!

DSC_0212 DSC_0218

Finished off with a latte. The barista was obviously quite skilled in his latte art.

Cafe Latte

Overall, it was a fun night with lots of amazing wines and good fine dining food. The portions were a bit small, but the atmosphere and the quality of food was very good.

Rating – 16/20

Highlight of the day – won 2 bottles of Jansz Magnum (1.5L)

Will I come back – why not?

Dish of the day – the Langoustine with froe grois parfait.

Regret of the day – had to drive so couldn’t drink as much as i wanted!
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Bomba Review

We’ve been here several times now. Once the old Aylesbury, now transformed into the Spanish Bomba. Again, another rebranding to appeal more the more casual, cheaper diners. There’s also a bomba bar upstairs with a small rooftop area especially when it overflows and diners are waiting for a table. We came here as some friends from HK wanted to test out the Melbourne culinary scene. I told them I am the HK open rice. (pretty much the same thing as urbanspoon).

I reckon this place is giving Movida a run for their money. As it is a smaller and more cosy restaurant, the service and food has a bit more edge over the big guns.

Mostly bar spots and tables along with high chairs with has a swivel on them. (Which is where we sat) First things first get a drink! We opted for a white sangria which came in a carafe ($22) whilst my friend had the Hawthorn Pilsner ($8).

What i was also excited about was to use my newly bought Nikon D610 full frame SLR with the 50mm 1.4G. Hope you guys my photos.

Drinks Menu on blackboard

Started off with some delicious and crunchy bread. Wasn’t warm, but it was still very good quality.


We decided to get the sharing menu ($45 per person). Me and IK had it before thats why! There are other things on the menu which is on on the sharing menu like the paellas etc. But its a good way to sample most of the menu.

First dish was the Wapengo Lake organic rock oysters. Got some saltyness in these oysters. Tasted fresh with lemon.

Wapengo Lake organic rock oyster

Next up are some typically Spanish Leek and manchego croqueta. Nice and gooey in the inside and nice and hot straight from the fryer.

Leek and manchego croqueta
Decor inside Bomba

Here is some House Pickled Pork Belly. Little bit of seasoning and olive oil goes a long way.

House Pickled Pork Belly

Fairly busy as usual. Bookings are recommended. Can be done through dimmi.

Inside Bomba

This was the dish of the night for us. Spanner Crab Soup. It was nice and hot, creamy and had plenty of punch and taste of seafood in it. Massive Winner.

Spanner Crab Soup

Should have chargrilled corn in Mexican/Spanish restaurant. This Charcoal grilled corn with dried maize was tasty and had great harmony. Too bad the corn was on the cold side a bit.

Charcoal grilled corn with dried maize

Some people dont like Quail, but we do. Quail with pistachio & buckwheat tasted really well together.

Quail with pistachio & buckwheat

Then came the mains. Freekah & cauliflower salad with almonds, sumac, barberries & mint was quite refreshing. We were quite full already before this point. But we must soldier on! I quite like the cauliflower in this. They char it somehow so it doesn’t look like cauliflower to begin with until it slides in your mouth.

Freekah & cauliflower salad with almonds, sumac, barberries & mint

A big main to finish off. Pedro Ximenez braised pork jowl with celeriac. I think pork jowl can get quite fattening. It was tasty, but i think the fat is way too much for us.

Pedro Ximenez braised pork jowl with celeriac

Also came some Shark Bay king prawn pil pil which was delicious. Didn’t have to take the shells off and instead goes straight into the mouth. Must suck some of the head for more flavouring. (Sorry very asian thing to do.

Shark Bay king prawn pil pil

We opted not to have any dessert as I wanted to take them to Spring Street Grocer up the road.

We seem very happy each time we dine here. Other than the pork jowl, i think the other dishes turned out really well. Other Spanish worth considering are

Movida Next door – 164 Flinders St, Melbourne CBD

Movida – 1 Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBD

Movida Aqui – 500 Bourke St On Level 1, Melbourne

Anada – 197 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Rating – 15/20

Will I come back – no question about that

Dish of the day – Spanner Crab Soup

What was interesting ? – swivel high chairs. (Like that idea !)

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