Abu Dhabi to Charles De Gaule Paris

After a long Taxi we finally got to the terminal. Abu Dhabi is a massive airport with many connections to other countries. There were a few terminals as well.

Abu Dhabi Airport

Etihad premium lounge was pretty big and packed. Can’t believe how many passengers were flying or had status. Doesn’t really makes sense. Seems like a contract lounge where people can use their priority pass or pay to get in lounge.

Etihad Premium Lounge

There were plenty of seats around and oodles of space. But getting a seat was pretty hard. I wanted to go for the free 15 min massage so we quickly went to six senses to check it out.

Etihad Lounge

There were many options but i opted for a neck and shoulder massage. I was told to come back at 12:20am so around 30 mins wait. It was very well organised they had staff everywhere and a queue obviously as well.

Six Senses Menu
Six Senses Spa

There’s also a style and shave if you wanted a haircut or a shave or get your manicure done.

Style and Shave Etihad Lounge

The Massage was lovely, my masseur was an Indian and we got chatting about how he came about to Abu Dhabi and cricket. I then had a shower afterwards which was in the same area. The showers were clean and had attendants. Comparable to Cathay showers.

Etihad Shower
Etihad Toilet

There was a large bar as well and you could order anything you liked. It was about time for boarding so I took a few more snaps just so show how humongous this lounge was.

Etihad Bar Seats
Etihad Lounge Bling

The boarding area was like flying domestic jetstar again. PACKED like sardines. We still had to wait as business class passengers

Boarding Gate

There was a business class/first class bus to take us to the plane. Still disappointed they didn’t have BMWs for their first class passengers.

Bus to the plane
Premium class Bus

Saw lots of planes on the way to ours.



We flew the Boeing A340 which still has 3 classes First / Business / Economy. I was fairly impressed with first class so comparing the business class would be great.

Boeing A340.

In business class, there are 28 business class seats in a 1 – 2 – 1 formation. However every alternate seat in the window side or the central seats either face out or face in. I don’t get why they need to make it facing out on the aisle. Sort of makes sense in the middle if you don’t know the person but there are other products out there which are better. Cathay for example. IK was pretty happy as she wouldn’t be able to see me for the rest of the flight.

Business Class seat

These seats were fully lie flat beds but they really are cramped. I’m 181cm, and my legs were squished up the end when reclined fully. They also have a fold down table which you can make it go closer to you or further depending if you are working / eating a meal. Also comes with amenity kit and a thick blanket.

Etihad Pearl Business class seat
Glass of Champagne
Business Class menu

As with all business seats, a glass of champagne was necessary. They had a champagne Jacquart brut ‘Mosaique’ from France which was nice.

Drinks Menu
Menu Cont.

The Amenity kit aint as big as the first class one and didn’t come with pyjamas and slippers. comes with the usual toothbrush etc.

Amenity kit

Theres’ a bottle of water already in the bottle holder.

bottle of water

Your seat number and light was located on this ‘thing’.

Seat no.

Noise cancellation headphones were just in a plastic bag. I don’t think they’re any different to the first class ones to be honest. Again not great quality ones either.


I actually thought the service from the business class crew were better. The flight was packed and had to look after 28 passengers on business class however they did a good job. When I asked for service they came promptly. I ordered some cheese from the any time menu after a few hours sleep. This was very good.

Cheese platter

Breakfast came and I really didn’t feel like eating much. However I tried my best. I thought the eggs were slightly under done. Otherwise nothing fancy and special about this breakfast.


The controls were not as fancy as the first class touch screen. It was just on a panel next to you. Had the massage functions etc which was more like a buzz than anything else.


You definitely couldn’t work through the centre aisle seats if you got the outside seats like we had. Even if you tried reaching over with you hand it was too far.

Centre Aisle seats

Switched on the air show and we were almost there. The E-BOX wasn’t as good as the first class one as you could watch live television. Screen was quite small as well.

Air show

Getting through immigration and customs was a breeze at Charles De Gaulle. They didn’t really care i thought! Again we were greeted by the Etihad chauffeur drivers and this time we had an E CLASS merc. yay!

Merc Chauffeur

Our driver didn’t speak much english i think, but it was comfortable. The centre consoles had bottles of water and the trip took about 30 mins. Saved about 45 euro if you took uber to our hotel.


Overall, I thought there are other better hard product business class seats out there like Cathay Pacific. It was squishy and wasn’t really long enough for me. ┬áMaybe I was too spoilt by the first class seats and downgrading was a bad option. The soft product was good and couldn’t complain. And even if you’re booked on a business award like me, you are eligible for a chauffeur service and pretty much go anywhere you like in Paris.

If I had to choose, first class would be my pick. However, the new Business class seats in the A380 or dreamliners might be much better I heard so hard to tell until I’ve tried those products.

Rating 14/20










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