L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Saint German Review

I booked this a month ago before the trip and I have to say I’m pretty damn excited. There are a couple of Joel Robuchons in Paris. They are also all around the world like in Japan, Hong Kong, London, Macau etc. Michelin star restaurant and world famous. The one in France should be the best right? Here we go. We walked from Champ De Elysees to the Saint German branch which took 30 mins. So IK was hungry, tired and sick of walking by the time we got there. It’s a fairly dark place and with all the de Joel Robuchon restaurants, they all have the black and red theme.

We were greeted and led to the communal bar table which sits around 15 right around. They have 2 sittings and I could understand why this is one effective way to serve all 15 guests at once with really one waiter. This waiter could speak 5 different languages apparently and I have to say the French are impressive with their english. Better than I anticipated.

Tasting Menu

So there are two choices. The Tasting menu or a la carte. They didn’t really explain very much as i think everyone just goes for the tasting menu. The only difference is you get to choose the main. AND, the menu was all in French and there was no point getting the dictionary out.

Plate and Napkin

The first dish was the Amuse Bouche.To start, Le Crabe Royale – Aux Fine Lamelles de <Daikon> Epicees 

Amuse Bouche

Came with a basket of bread which we didn’t touch as we knew there was better things to come.

Basket of Bread

It was an open kitchen, the head chef overlooking his staff whilst they were at work. He seems pretty young in his 30s and very cool demeanor about him, no typical chef’s hats and white aprons.

Robuchon’s open kitchen

This next starter was the le gaspacho – a la catalane, croutons dores sous un sorbet moutarde a l’ancienne. Pretty much a soup with a mustard sorbet. It was a cold dish, but having cold soup was actually good. Opens the palate up.

le gaspacho – a la catalane, croutons dores sous un sorbet moutarde a l’ancienne

le caviar – seems to be a common theme during this europe trip for me! sur une <cerviche> de saumon, glace aux agrumes peruviens. A cerviche of salmon with ice underneath and peruvian citrus. I had so much caviar but it is pretty reasonable in Europe esp in Scandanavian countries.

sur une de saumon, glace aux agrumes peruviens.

Next up was Les Girolles – et l’artichaut sur un <Macaroni Vegetal> dore au comte. Here we have chanterelle mushrooms on top, Macaroni with vegetal inside. Basically a bit fat pasta with basks and count with a sprinkle of saffron on the side. Out of all the dishes, probably wasn’t my favourite. Tasty regardless.

Les Girolles

L’oeuf (The Egg) it translates to Cocotte en <meurette> sus une fine croustade. Basically a casserole in a red wine sauce with fine croutons. This was amazing.


I was yearning for this in France. Le Foie Gras! – de canard chaud, cerises et amandes fraiches dans un jus acidule a l’hibiscus . Foie gras was so rich but a combination with the cherry with a hibiscus jus was just perfect. It was delicious!

Le Foie Gras

Le Saint- Pierre – grille, asperges sauvages sur une emulsion coco-tandoori, citron verte et poivre de <timut>. This was like a little seafood soup. Grilled wild asparagus on a coconut emulsion, tandoori, lemon and green peppers with some clams. This was just unbelievable.

Le Saint- Pierre

there were a few choices for the mains but i went for the sweet breads. Le Ris De Veau – cloute de laurier frais a la feuille de romaine farcie . The leaf on top seemed like a eucalyptus leaf. This was very rich and each time i hear short breads, I forget out rich it is.

Le Ris De Veau

IK ordered the L’agneau De Lait – en cotelettes a la fleur de thym. Milk lamb chops in thyme. The thyme was so fresh the chops were small but tasty. A side of mashed potatoes on the side which was filled with rich butter.

L’Agneau De Lait

A bit more mashed potatoes here. Way too much but so rich, full of flavour.

Mashed Potato

Finally we start the desserts. L’Agrume – pamplemousse et orange sous un sorbet a la mandarine et son croquant au citron vert Almost like a creme brulee citrus version – Grapefruit and orange sorbet, in a crisp mandarin and lime. This was so refreshing after so much heaviness in the food. The crips broke with a nice crack and had a mousse inside. Yum!!


To finish up Le Chocolat Tentation. Very interesting dessert, a nice round chocolate crisp around, with some citrusy flavours on top, a little chocolate dome int hemiddle and chocolate soil underneath in a separate bowl. The idea is to pick some of the top bit up and layer it with some chocolate soil. French cuisine was definitely out of this world.

Le chocolate tentation

The tummy was struggling but we thought maybe a coffee would help. Some more caramel and friands to just top it off. Coffee was awful btw.

Coffee and Sweets

This family walked out of the restaurant and guess who we saw – ZLATAN. omg. drove off in a volvo lol. Then another woman came with some body guards – I think she was from the embassy here or something. Definitely alot of high flyers about eting at this place. Wonderful experience. It was definitely rushed, but the quality of the food was top notch.
DSCF4487 DSCF4488


Rating : 17/20

Dish of the Day – The dessert and Foie Groe

Tip : Come earlier with expander pants.

Joel Le Robuchon – Saint Germain

5 Rue Montalembert, 75007 Paris, France

Le Jules Verne Review

We have never been to Europe let alone to one of the world wonders – the Eiffel tower. You’d be blown away by how majestic this famous tower is. You’d be able to spot it a mile away and to be able to dine up there as well is once in a lifetime experience everyone should do.

The Eiffel Tower

The restaurant we were going to was the Le Jules Verne – a one star michelin restaurant. It had its own lift up to the restaurant which saves you from queueing up and you don’t have to buy a separate ticket up as well.

Le Jules Verne entrance

A few more snaps before we head up.

View from the bottom up

Once you enter, you are greeted and you have to go through security before entering.

Inside the lobby area

Took this just before heading up the lift

Big mirror before the lift

The dining area is at the 123m the second level, theres a higher observatory deck you can also up to as well.

Display of how tall the building is

You are able to see through the glass so you have an idea about this whole gigantic tower.

Views from the lift

More pics inside the lift

view from the lift

More pics from the lift

Views from the lift

And more pics.

More Views

Once we got up you were welcomed to your table and maybe because i booked early, we got a window seat. Upside down palte and some funky cutlery.

Table setting

We didn’t really used these to eat but it was just for show i guess?!

Le Jules Verne Cutlery

I enjoyed the ambiance too!

Me enjoying the views


Had some cheese sticks and a bottle of sparking orezza to start.

Orezza Sparkling

For lunch you can choose to have their degustation or a 3 course meal. We chose the 3 course meal and it was ample.

The Menu

Went for a French beer – 1664 Kronenburg.

1664 Kronenborg

IK had a mocktail.

IK’s mocktail

Even the butter was shaped in an Eiffel Tower!

Butter Shaped Eiffel Tower

The French Pastries and bread are just so damn good.

French Bread

First course was an amuse bouche – tuna with some cut up asparagus drizzled with olive oil. It was very tasty despite being simple.

Amuse Bouche

The first entree was a half smoked salmon, tangy vegetable and herb tartare. The texture of the salmon was unbelievable. Look how even the herb tartare is immaculately dotted from a big size to a small dot.  It was a lovely combination.

Salmon Entree

When you’re in France, you gotta have escargots right? IK had the Helixberrin Snails, warm marmalade and parsnip jus. I had one of these and I was definitely in France.

Helixberrin Escargot

For the main course I had the corn-fed chicken fricasse, tomato stuffed in tomato. I tell you what. The french do amazing sauces, and this was one of the best jus/sauces I have ever tasted. It wasn’t just a simple chicken dish, there was a lot of thought into the sauces and the stuffed tomato was very interesting. Lots more tomatoes inside that which really married well with the chicken.

Corn-fed chicken main

IK had the grenobloise pollock, quick sauteed spinach with swiss chard leaves. She said it was very tasty and it looked and sure did.

IK’s main course

Now onto dessert. This was probably the highlight of the meal. Crunchy tower nut, chocolate from our factory in Paris. Inside this was crunchy and so much bite, it was rich, but it was devilishly good. The ice-cream helped a bit to cut through the sweetness but it was sweet but so addictive.

Tower Nut Chocolate

It also came with some pralines, macarons, a whole friggin bowl of marshmallows and pastries. I mean how the hell do you finish all of this.

Pastries, Marshmallows, chocolate

The praline chocolates were devlishly good too.


IK’s main was a Melba Peach our way. with cream on top. Raspberry on the side. It looks better than it tasted. Should have went for option 3. It wasn’t bad but not as good as my devilishly chocolate crunchy nut.

Melba Peach Our way

Hmmm after one bite, you’re in chocolate heaven.


We really couldn’t finish the rest…

Unfinished desserts

But we definitely had to take a photo of us having lunch at the most romantic place on earth possibly.

Us Dining at Le Verne Jules

The chef’s book ‘Ducasse’ and other things for sale as well.


We also got to take home some goodies and the menu home!


After the meal, you are able to go down a floor to the observatory deck and look around and it was amazing. The best short cut and perk if you hate lining up queues.

Bottom Line

Loved it, it lived up to its 1 star Michelin rating and it was pure French. So French so good. The jus and the sauces were so damn good it really lives with you.

Would I go back ? No doubt

Dish of the day : hard but my main course was very delicious.

Rating : 16.5/20

Avenue Gustave Eiffel, Paris, France

01 45 55 61 44

Pedra Alta Review Paris

We were tired but wanted to stay awake once we arrived. We arrived in the morning and couldn’t check in yet so we travelled around town a bit. IK was reading forums and blogs and we decided to try this Seafood restaurant near Marcel Sembat station. Looking at tripadvisor, it wasn’t so promising – ranked #2005. We’ve been walking all day so we were pretty hungry so we were up for anything.

Pedro Alta

When we arrived, there were already a swarm of mainlanders waiting to get into the restaurant. The funny thing is, the restaurant doesn’t open till like 7pm. So at 6pm, you see all the mainlanders waiting and seeing the staff eat first! Very unusual. We waited for about 40mins or so and when it opened, we got a spot quite quickly. There wasn’t any line for the queue it was just get in when you can! Pedra Alta is a chain restaurant and have quite a few around Paris. This one was closest to the metro so it was the easiest to get to.


Pedro Alta

Theres quite an array to order but we opted for the cooked seafood platter which comes with Paella. We ordered some sparkling water and wines ( which were terrible so no photos)

Sparkling water Badoit

We made a huge mistake. We ordered this platter for 2. but seriously it can feed 100 refugees with this. Had mussels, chips, prawns, lobsters, crab with their dipping sauce. Also came with a Paella with soup on the side.

Cooked Seafood Platter

Thats wheat happens when you travel and eat, you tend to OVER order. It was substantial indeed.

Seafood platter closeup

The lobster was good. I mean it wasn’t overcooked and it came off the shells nicely meaning its fresh. There was just too much food. and we did the best we could for 2 people. Also there was squid, crab mousse etc. It definitely isn’t for someone who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty coz it was just messy as cracking shells etc.

not even 1/4 way through this

My Bottom line

Its really worth it for about 80 euros including drinks. it’s fresh and we were happy with the seafood. Its pretty close from the metro but i’m not sure about fighting a spot with all the mainlanders and the odd waiting until 7pm to get in. Very unusual. It’s no fine dining or any major french cooking techniques involved.

Tips – if you like seafood – this is what you get and good value. Order maybe for 1 first before ordering more, its just way too much. Don’t order the wines as they are foul.

Rating – 13/20


6, Avenue Du Général Leclerc
92100 Boulogne
Tél: 0 146 035 404

next up Eiffel Tower Restaurant! Les Jules Verne!