Pedra Alta Review Paris

We were tired but wanted to stay awake once we arrived. We arrived in the morning and couldn’t check in yet so we travelled around town a bit. IK was reading forums and blogs and we decided to try this Seafood restaurant near Marcel Sembat station. Looking at tripadvisor, it wasn’t so promising – ranked #2005. We’ve been walking all day so we were pretty hungry so we were up for anything.

Pedro Alta

When we arrived, there were already a swarm of mainlanders waiting to get into the restaurant. The funny thing is, the restaurant doesn’t open till like 7pm. So at 6pm, you see all the mainlanders waiting and seeing the staff eat first! Very unusual. We waited for about 40mins or so and when it opened, we got a spot quite quickly. There wasn’t any line for the queue it was just get in when you can! Pedra Alta is a chain restaurant and have quite a few around Paris. This one was closest to the metro so it was the easiest to get to.


Pedro Alta

Theres quite an array to order but we opted for the cooked seafood platter which comes with Paella. We ordered some sparkling water and wines ( which were terrible so no photos)

Sparkling water Badoit

We made a huge mistake. We ordered this platter for 2. but seriously it can feed 100 refugees with this. Had mussels, chips, prawns, lobsters, crab with their dipping sauce. Also came with a Paella with soup on the side.

Cooked Seafood Platter

Thats wheat happens when you travel and eat, you tend to OVER order. It was substantial indeed.

Seafood platter closeup

The lobster was good. I mean it wasn’t overcooked and it came off the shells nicely meaning its fresh. There was just too much food. and we did the best we could for 2 people. Also there was squid, crab mousse etc. It definitely isn’t for someone who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty coz it was just messy as cracking shells etc.

not even 1/4 way through this

My Bottom line

Its really worth it for about 80 euros including drinks. it’s fresh and we were happy with the seafood. Its pretty close from the metro but i’m not sure about fighting a spot with all the mainlanders and the odd waiting until 7pm to get in. Very unusual. It’s no fine dining or any major french cooking techniques involved.

Tips – if you like seafood – this is what you get and good value. Order maybe for 1 first before ordering more, its just way too much. Don’t order the wines as they are foul.

Rating – 13/20


6, Avenue Du Général Leclerc
92100 Boulogne
Tél: 0 146 035 404

next up Eiffel Tower Restaurant! Les Jules Verne!

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