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Craving for French and you tend to miss it when you’ve just come back from a massive Europe trip. We are pretty fortunate Melbourne has almost every cuisine you can think of. Was catching with with a friend so decided to try entrecote. There are two entrecotes; one in the city and one in South Yarra. The one here has a no booking policy so you just rock up. Situated between collins and little collins, used to be where Prix Fixe was. All the restaurants who have taken on this premises hadn’t really taken off. I guess the location and is quieter than other streets in the CBD.


Outside Entrecote.

Outside Entrecote

We came early thinking we’d need to wait for a while. But nope it was empty as.

Inside Entrecote

Pretty basic menu. Their speciality is the steak frites, but they do have some traditional French dishes and seafood as well.

Entrecote Menu

Brings back memories when I had this at the Eiffel Tower.

1664 Kronenborg

IK was craving for her usual Aperol Spritz.

Aperol Spritz

Some bread to start.


IK wanted French onion Soup and here it is. Nothing fancy like what Vue De Monde serves, but just traditional French onion soup. Nothing memorable but it was nice.

French onion soup

I shared some escargots with my friend and it was nice as well. Again nothing memorable.


Their signature dish – Steak Frites. So steaks and fries. It was “free flowing fries” so if you have finished the fries, you can ask for more. The steak was nice, but again not the best steak I had.

Steak Frites

Came with a salad as well which was refreshing.


French food always seem to be filling and we were pretty full. However, we had to order a dessert. IK was craving for a Mille-feuille. It was alright, lots of creme fraiche. Luxemborg does a better one though – its crunchier.


Had a little seafood bar in the kitchen.

Seafood Bar

Some roses as well. You know the French are romantic afterall.

Red Roses

Overall, it’s nice to have traditional French cuisine every now and again. Maybe we were spoilt with the various French eateries in Paris and you really can’t compare. It is a bit disappointing how this premises hasn’t taken off yet. It has a nice vibe in there but the tables and the space between each table were quite small. You really need to be thin as to get through.

Rating : 12.5/20. Sorry we were too spoilt in France.

Dish of the day : Steak frites. Yup free flowing fries. It is a bit pricey imo $39 bucks for it.

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  1. figjamchris

    “… used to be where Prix Fixe was. All the restaurants who have taken on this premises hadn’t really taken off.”

    You do know that Prix Fixe was only supposed to be a 12-month venue right? Jason M. Jones (owner of Entrecôte) was a part owner of Prix Fixe with Philippa Sibley. Entrecôte was always intended to end up at this location. Prix Fixe did very well, however it was an experiment and they never intended it to be an ongoing restaurant.

    1. thepeckishconnoisseur

      Fair enough thanks for that info!

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