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Missed out on going to Noma this time round. Despite the fact that we glued our eyes on our screens waiting for the seating to open 3 months prior. We just arrived in Copenhagen and had no clue where to eat. Best way was to google! So went through visit Copenhagen and found this place walkable from the hotel.

Copenhagen apparently well known for it’s food and prices!

Cofoco Menu

Copenhagen had alot of rye bread. This came with a sauce and the bread was warm. Nice.


Had a Jacobsen Beer. Almost as good as Belgium Beer.

Fadol – Jacobsen Beer

So we went for a four course menu. First up was scallops, cauliflower puree, cucumber, dill and rye crumble. This was well presented and tasted well.

Scallops dish

You get to either order a la carte or choose from a 4 or 5 or 6 course menu. We opted for the 4 course menu.


the next dish was Mussel soup. Crab, pea puree, yoghurt, lemon oil and croutons. I tell you what. This was probably the best soup I’ve had in a long long time. Creamy, the flavours married together.

Mussel Soup

Scandanavian food is very uncomplicated, but they do things well. The next dish is a Veal brisket – corn, cabbage, frikcasse and tarragon.

Veal Brisket

The Raspberry sorbet reduced cream with liqourice, dried raspberries, white chocolate and raw liqourice. I never liked liqourice. But my god, the way they did liqourice with the dish was amazing. It was actually crunchy and blended well with the fresh raspberries you get in Scandanavia.

Raspberry Sorbet

The place was on a corner shop and in the basement which seems a bit hidden. But I guess this is a hidden gem you find once in a while. Loved the food. Best meal we had in Copenhagen.


Rating : 14.5/20

Atmosphere : Friendly waitress who has an Aussie boyfriend! Maybe thats why we got good service.

Go to dish : go for the set menu. Experience it all and the beer.

Address :

Abel Cathrines Gade 7, 1654 København, Denmark

+45 33 13 60 60

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