Hawker Hall Review

I always tend to go try out these new places and despite average reports so far, I wanted to give it a shot. Location wise, I thought Chris Lucas and his team found a gold mine in the new hippy part of Chapel St. This strip has the names like Tokyo Tina, Saigon Sally, Fonda, Messina and other restaurants as well.

Hawker Hall Interior

We managed to grab a seat outside for 5. It was 6pm and it was packed already. Typical Lucas Group restaurants.

Hawker Hall

Plates were printed with Hawker Hall. I like how each of Lucas Group’s restaurant have a different theme and cuisine. Rather than having like Chin Chin in different suburbs.

Hawker Hall Plate

There were alot of beers and a decent sized menu with so called “hawker malaysian food”. They have the feed me menu but we opted for just ordering a la carte.


I had the Mildura Honey which was sweet and easy to drink. So good.

Drinks Menu

IK ordered the coconut watermelon drink.


I don’t know what this guy was doing but he was scribbling on each line for each table. Talk about being frugal. I hope he can read his own writing.

Waiter scribbling on his notepad.

First up was Nyonya Popcorn chicken with a sauce. I thought maybe some more meat in some of them would have been nice.

Popcorn Chicken

Food was quick, everything came almost at once which was good. As mentioned we sat outside which was probably good as there was plenty of lighting for my camera.

Our meal

Gado Gado Salad. CABBAGE‭, ‬SPROUTS‭, ‬SWEET POTATO‭, ‬TOFU‭, ‬EGG‭ & ‬PEANUTS. Vegetarian dish. Perhaps a bit more saucey would have been nice.

Gado Gado Salad

Here were some satays. Mamak definitely do better satays unfortunately.

Chicken Pork Satay

Had some Morning Glory with sambal. Again I would have preferred Malaymas for its morning glory. Bit more sambal and wok taste.

Morning Glory

Very mild tasted curry with vegetables and chickpeas.


As per the good food website, this was probably one of the better dishes – Economy Noodles. They just used different noodles to cook this and some sambal on the site.

Economy Noodles

I thought there was way too much sauce for this duck and too little rice. Definitely a bit pricey for this dish. Sauce was also too salty.

BBQ pepper duck

The roti wasn’t bad, but I feel Mamak is the gold standard in Melbourne.

Overall, it was quite pricey for such “hawker dishes”. However, theres alot of hype and people will still rock up for Lucas’s group. they have created a formula which works. There is a bit of tinkering with the dishes but there are other places where you can get a Malaysian fix.

Rating : 12.5/20

Dish of the day : Economy Noodles and Mildura Honey Beer

Tip : Go early like with all Lucas Group’s venues and wish you luck with finding parking. Also dishes are a bit small. You need to order quite a few dishes.

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