Leeuwin Estate Perth

Went to Perth during Easter and booked a winery restaurant a few weeks back. Was looking at Zomato and blogs where to go, and it seemed Leeuwin Estate was the best choice. It was a long trip, 3 hours by car and it was pouring (not typical Perth!).

Anyway, got there at 12 and decided to do the degustation since we drove all the way down. Plus it was $109 for the degustation which we felt was good value.

Leeuwin Estate menu

I didn’t do the wine pairing, but ordered the Art Series Chardonnay which was amazing.

Art series Chardonnay
Degustation Menu

So 4 x Degustation menu here we come. Bread and olives to start off.

Bread and olives

This oyster was amazingly fresh from WA.

Freshly chucked oyster from WA

This dish was pretty damn good. Abalone with yuzu, mandarin oil and puffed rice. very fresh and delicious.

Augusta green lip abalone, yuzu, mandarin oil, puffed rice

Nice to start off with fish and the crunch from the puff was good.

Kingfish ceviche, grapefruit, young coconut, jalapeno, kaffir lime

Next had some scallops next and this was very fresh. A squeeze of lime on the side made a big difference. The portions were very generous given its a degustation.

Harvey bay half shell scallops, brown butter, samphire

A classic main but oh so good. Black angus sirloin with mushroom. Cooked medium rare with cafe de paris on the top. What more can you ask for?

45 days dry aged black angus sirloin, king oyster mushroom, spring onion, café de Paris

The dessert was an optional course for $9. Just had to go for it. It was a spiced apple tea cake and the sage ice cream worked really well. Apples were thinly sliced and delicious.

Spiced apple tea cake, brown butter and sage ice cream

We also ordered another dessert off the menu to sample everything. Black sponge cake with miso caramel iceream and a bit of yuzu and nori. I liked the asian flavours and the ice cream was delicious. Probably would have been good with another texture to it.

Black sesame sponge, miso caramel ice cream, yuzu, nori

Bottom line

We thought it was a delicious meal especially in Perth. One of the best degustation lunches we’ve had at a winery. Defiitely wan to come back. Lots of seafood and worth the price in my opinion

Rating : 15/20

Tips : try to stay a night or so. Expect 2-3 hours for lunch . Also do us a favour. have the degustation. You’ve come a long way for it!

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