ANA Business Class Sydney to Tokyo Haneda

I was super excited flying ANA’s business class from Sydney to Tokyo. After lounging a while at the New Zealand lounge, it was time to board. We couldn’t get 2 seats together when i checked in online but was able to when we checked in at the desk. We were sitting first 2 seats in business class which is in a staggered configuration 1 – 2 – 1.

One reason why we chose ANA was because it goes straight to Haneda which is easier to transfer flights domestically and it is also significantly closer to the city as well. I used Lifemiles and United miles to purchase these tickets.

DSC_1283 (Large)
Staggered Business Class ANA

The seat itself is quite comfy and has plenty of table space around you. There is also quite alot of space in front of you where you can dump your blankets etc. When we arrived, there was our amenity kit by L’occataine, slippers, blankets and a headset which was quite poor quality. I ended up using my own BOSE headphones.

DSC_1284 (Large)
My seat

Typical plane remote, USB and AC socket and lights.

DSC_1285 (Large)

Another view of the ANA business class seat. DSC_1286 (Large)

I didn’t think the Loccatine set was that good. Looked cheap bu came with the bare essentials as pictured below.

DSC_1287 (Large)

Typical flat seats and the controls, also includes lumbar support which is great!

DSC_1288 (Large)
Seat Controls

The screen was really good i thought. It was right in front of you and was i reckon 20 inches

DSC_1289 (Large)
TV Screen

I like how japanese airlines gives an explanation of the seat itself. I think it is always nice if you don’t fly that airline all the time.

DSC_1290 (Large)

I started off with a champagne which was Canard Duchene Cuvee Leonie Brut from France

DSC_1291 (Large)
Drinks Menu

There was also a selection of Japanese Sake, Shochu and plum wine. They served Hibiki 17 years as well and one comment i had to make was that the airline attendants probably don’t drink. I asked for Whisky neat and gave me like 4 finger shot! Well no complaints there! Slept well after that for sure.
DSC_1292 (Large)

So the menu had a dinner then light dishes which you can order any time. I thought they really should have breakfast as well included for this red-eye flight. 2 choices. Japanese or western.

DSC_1293 (Large)
Food Menu

This was the champagne served in this sort of glass.

DSC_1296 (Large)

Here comes my Japanese Dinner which looked better in the menu. Just wasn’t at the standard to JAL flight which I will review later.

DSC_1298 (Large)
Japanese Meal

IK had the western option as they have run out of the Japanese meals! Despite us being the first ones to order it too. I’d imagine they chose her as she would probably didn’t care compared to the other Japanese passengers. IK said it wasn’t that good.

DSC_1300 (Large)
Western food option

One thing which was good about the ANA flight was the live sport and it so happened to be the Euro 2016 as well so i was able to see Albania play Switzerland.

DSC_1302 (Large)
Watching EURO 2016 Live

IK ordered some ice-cream after her disappointing meal.

DSC_1303 (Large)

I was eyeing on the snack menu and the Ippudo Ramen sounded so appetising i had to order it. It looked and tasted amazing for ramen being served in the air.

DSC_1304 (Large)
Ippudo Ramen

In the toilet, there were also some spare toothbrushes, masks, face&body sheet (wipes i’d imagine) which was nice.

DSC_1305 (Large)

I couldn’t eat in the morning, probably slept about 5 hours which was amazing so just had some tea and fruit which was perfectly nice.


DSC_1306 (Large)
Tea& Fruit

Overall, I thought the seat and perfectly fine but in terms of privacy i don’t think it is as good as the herringbone configuration or other carriers who now have like a mini suite i.e. JAL Business Class. The flight attendants were young but seemed a bit inexperienced overall. e.g. running out of Japanese food option when we ordered first. I couldn’t complain about the four shot whisky being served to be (literally half a glass).

I wouldn’t mind flying with them again but if I had to choose, I think JAL is a bit more experienced and service was just a bit better.

More reviews coming up in particular Roan Kikunoi in Kyoto!

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