Kinoe Yakiniku Kyoto

I was highly impressed with our concierge at the Westin Miyako Hotel who helped us book Kinoe Yakiniku which my friend from Japan recommended. She printed out a map, helped make our reservation and made sure there was an english menu etc. This place was fairly close to the hotel, maybe 15 mins by public transport. It was in a residential area in the northern part of kyoto. Here it is.

DSC_1357 (Large)
Kinoe Frontage

They had huge barrels of Hakushu whiskys as well. hmmmm

DSC_1359 (Large)
Hakushu Distillery

The menu was a bit complicated. On the back of the page, there were some menus which you needed to book before. So we ended up getting 2 sets of Omi Beef and added yukke as well.

DSC_1360 (Large)
Kinoe Menu

Ordered a tap beer to start.

DSC_1361 (Large)
Tap Beer

Came with 3 sauces as well. The waiters are pretty good, they tell you which course is for which sauce.

DSC_1362 (Large)

An appetizer course with some beef and fat.

DSC_1363 (Large)
Beef Appetiser

We specially ordered a serve of yukke as it seemed famous on the menu.

DSC_1364 (Large)

Then we were served with some salad with japanese dressing.

DSC_1365 (Large)
Salad dressing

I loved the Japanese yakiniku, they don’t stick and they seemed easy to clean. There was no smoke and it filters back in. Started off with 2 pieces of omi beef.

DSC_1367 (Large)
First 2 pieces of omi beef

We were a bit worried as we are usually used to huge portions. Here comes another 2 pieces.

DSC_1369 (Large)
More beef

Don’t forget some veggies as well. Corn and Zucchini.

DSC_1370 (Large)
Corn & Zucchini

This time with garlic chips. See the fat on the left? They used that to oil up the grill and sear this one. Wonderful.

DSC_1371 (Large)
Beef with garlic chips

This one is marinated which was also very nice.

DSC_1373 (Large)
Marinated beef

Another dish of marinated beef.

DSC_1375 (Large)
more marinated beef

Had some lettuce to wrap the beef up as well.

DSC_1376 (Large)

Also some asparagus, tomato and beans with some mayo and miso sauce.

DSC_1377 (Large)

Had to order a Hakushu High Ball which was delicious

DSC_1379 (Large)
Hakushu High Ball

This marinated beef he seared it for us and perfected it. Only 10 or so seconds each side and straight away melts in your mouth.

DSC_1383 (Large)
Beef that melts in your mouth

We also had a rice as well as there wasn’t much carbs. Funny enough portions looked small but it was enough for both of us.

Freshened up with some watermelon afterwards and some tea.

DSC_1384 (Large)

Japanese yakiniku was really good. I’m sure there are other places around but this was perfect. I recommend getting the most expensive set as it might not be enough for 2 people. Beef was good and couldn’t really complain. It was expensive but looking at the marbling of the beef, you are just in heaven.

Rating 14.5/20

Yakiniku Dining Kinoe URL:

Add.: 34-1, Tojiji-cho, Oshikoji-dori Yanaginobanba Higashi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Kyoto Imperial Palace Tel.: 075-211-2991


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