Kushiyaki Manten Kyoto Review

It was pouring heavily and the sushi place we wanted to go in Gion was closed this day. We wanted to have kyoto style sushi but no choice, we have to have something else.

Second option was to have kushiyaki and this place was on our list. Its located along this small alleyway which runs right along the Kamo River. We could have picked any place along this alley way;there were so many restaurants but thought I had to go here. We were sharing a small umbrella, feet were soaking wet, we thought to ourselves it better be worth it.

We finally got there and there were quite a few foreigners in here. We thought uh oh tourist trap. Not really!

We got a nice big table and we also asked them for an english menu just in case.

Here is a page of the menu with the usual kushiyaki goodies.

DSC_1487 (Large)

Alot of “gaijin” eating here. One thing I don’t like about some of these izakayas in Japan are that they let them smoke inside. Should follow most other countries and start banning them from doing that.

DSC_1488 (Large)
Kushiyaki Manten

There are counter seats or table seats. I think there is also a second floor. Being on this floor means you can see the chefs show off their grilling skills.

DSC_1489 (Large)
Counter Seats

Menu was quite extensive. We ended up getting a set and some other things as well.

DSC_1490 (Large)

This was part of the set with some asparagus, eggplant and some other goodies. I’ll just let the picture speak for themselves.

DSC_1492 (Large)
Kushiyaki set

Some giblets, prawns, scallops and other stuff as well.

DSC_1493 (Large)
more kushiyaki

This was a dumpling with quail egg on top on a hot plate. Served with some soy sauce it was interesting, but not that memorable.

DSC_1494 (Large)
Dumpling with Quail Egg

This ochazuke was really good. This has eel in it and IK just gobbled it up. quite refreshing on a rainy day like this.

DSC_1495 (Large)
Eel Ochazuke

Ochazuke is pretty much tea and rice with a few pickles. love it.

DSC_1496 (Large)

Some more kushiyaki from the set.

DSC_1497 (Large)

It’s a typical izakaya. busy, lively. We also had some insect roaming around on our table. The girls were staring at it and couldn’t help laughing. They managed to kill it for us so we could keep eating our kushiyaki. Pretty funny indeed.

Their english wasn’t so good but I was fine with my Japanese. But maybe we would have ordered other stuff if we were with a local.

Overall its good to try this stuff in Japan. But nothing memorable really

Rating 13/20


179-1 Zaimokucho Nakagyo-ku Kyoto Kyoto


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