Kani Doraku Dotombori Honten

It is a bit touristy, but we wanted to try this famous crab restaurant. You can’t book in the main store but the website does tell you how long it will take to wait if you put your name down. We were extremely lucky, we walked in and had a table! It was around 2-3pm mind you at this stage so maybe it wasn’t as busy. Located in Dotombori where you get all the eateries endless shopping district.

DSC_1519 (Large)

Here it is – the famous crab.

DSC_1534 (Large)
Kani Doraku

There were heaps on the menu so we ended up ordering 2 sets.

DSC_1520 (Large)
Kani Doraku Menu

You get a good view of Dotombori.

DSC_1521 (Large)
View from Dotombori

Started off with some crab legs with a sourish sauce. The crab wasn’t the best as it was a little stuck in the shell. However it was more for the experience.

DSC_1522 (Large)
Crab legs

Then we had a raw sashimi version.

DSC_1523 (Large)
Raw Sashimi crab legs

Crab Chawanmushi was next up.

DSC_1524 (Large)
Crab Chawanmushi

Next was a crab rice. You have to wait for like 15 mins until it was ready.

DSC_1525 (Large)
Crab Rice

A Baked crab dish.

DSC_1526 (Large)
Baked Crab dish

This was a grilled crab leg with lemon.

DSC_1528 (Large)
Grilled crab leg with lemon

How about a tempura version ?

DSC_1529 (Large)
Tempura crab leg

You cannot go without crab sushi. Delicious.

DSC_1530 (Large)
Crab Sushi

Crab Miso Soup.

DSC_1531 (Large)
Crab Miso Soup

Here is the crab rice earlier. We were pretty friggin full as we ordered too much at this point, but crab rice is one of my favourite dishes in Japan. Amazing yum.

DSC_1532 (Large)
Crab rice

The only dish without crab – dessert! Vanilla ice cream with green tea.

DSC_1533 (Large)
Vanille icecream with green tea

Overall, not the best crab restaurant I thought, it was tasty and showed an array of different ways to cook crab. It was still pretty nice, although a bit touristy.

Rating : 14/20

Tip : go outside and buy the crab shell – you get all the innards and goodies which is grilled. You don’t have to line up for that either!

〒542-0071 1-6-18, Dotombori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


Osaka St Regis Review

I was looking at which SPG property to stay in Osaka. We took a normal train from Kyoto to Osaka which took merely around 20-25 mins. We stood most of it as it was packed. I was researching and found that St Regis Osaka was probably the cheapest St Regis property out there. RRP around ~300-400 AUD per night. Considering you can free breakfast with my platinum status, i thought it was worth the shot. We travelled to Hommachi Station and walked to St Regis. It’s a bit hard to find with luggage i thought. You can go through some buildings to get there once you know your directions.

We were greeted downstairs by the bellmen and they check your details before you head up to reception. We were upgraded to a Grand Deluxe Room. I think it’d be pretty hard to get upgraded to a suite despite platinum status here. Most reviews I read were allocated this room. I have to say its pretty big for Japanese standards. With all Japanese hotels, the bellmen (actually bell ladies!) carried up the luggage to your room. I felt bad because our luggage were so heavy.

We were also told that our butler will come up to explain the room and offer a welcome drink. More on that later.

King size bed, a funky jacket hanger and a long sofa along the room.

DSC_1498 (Large)
Grand Deluxe Room

You get incredible views of the Osaka skyline but make sure to shut your blinds to sleep !

DSC_1499 (Large)
Osaka Skyline

There is a study desk with alot of good stationary ; a rubber, highlighter, sticky note pads, paper etc.

DSC_1500 (Large)
Study Desk

Close of of some stationary they give you. I love collecting hotel pens. This was one of my favourites.

DSC_1510 (Large)

There was an inbuilt mirror in the desk as well, which you can put some jewellery etc in there as well.

DSC_1512 (Large)

The wardrobe was big enough to fit our luggage, there was a safe and St Regis robe.

DSC_1501 (Large)

Toilet was separate which is great for privacy.

DSC_1502 (Large)

The bathroom was huge. They had great amenities and a amazing shower/bathtub.

DSC_1503 (Large)

They had an interesting shower head. instead of the rain forest shower head, they had a wall one. I guess its great for those who don’t want to get their hair wet! There was also a TV as well which was great.

DSC_1504 (Large)
St Regis Bathroom

The marble tiled bathroom makes it posh and elegant.

DSC_1506 (Large)
St Regis Bathroom

You have this secret door where you can pick up garments and newspaper – they call it the butler box or something. Don’t worry, its not big enough for someone to sneak in.

DSC_1505 (Large)
Butler Box

The minibar was pretty good. I loved this space. They had nespresso coffee, minibar and 3000 yen worth you can drink from if you choose that as your welcome amenity.

DSC_1507 (Large)
St Regis Minibar

They had a range of small liquor you can choose from. I obviously went for the Japanese whisky Taketsuru.

DSC_1515 (Large)
Whisky in the minibar

The TV was hidden well as well. Although its not as central as you want it to be.

DSC_1508 (Large)

There’s even a butler menu which tells you all the services you can have. That includes choosing your own pillow, and free pressing of 2 garments per stay. There was a welcome note however it wasn’t personalised which was a bit of a shame. I’ve never stayed here before as well so it was a pretty generic card.

DSC_1509 (Large)
Butler Menu

Here is the pillow menu! I didn’t choose any particular pillow, the pillow there was comfortable enough.

DSC_1511 (Large)
Pillow Menu

Just lounging around at St Regis!

DSC_1513 (Large)

Heres the menu for drinks. Obviously pricey.

DSC_1516 (Large)
Drinks Menu

Our butler was lovely – his english quite poor but you can get by. He offered us a drink and a sweet to welcome us. He also helped us with finding places to eat and they print out all the details in colour etc. We told him we wanted to try the Kani Dyoraku which is the famous crab restaurant. He found other alternatives as well. We decided to go there anyway later that day.

DSC_1517 (Large)
Welcome Drink

Heading down the lift. St Regis branding all over. love the vibe.

DSC_1518 (Large)
Overall, we had a wonderful stay at St Regis. Its close to many attractions and easy to get to. It is pricey but probably the cheapest St Regis in the world.

I’ll review the bar and breakfast in my next post.

Address: 3-6-12 Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0053, Japan