Rue D’Or St Regis Osaka Review

We were pretty tired and didn’t want to venture out too far for a meal. So we went shopping and sightseeing till late and came back to eat around 8pm at St Regis’s own restaurant. I called to book this during the day at the downstairs Rue D’Or french restaurant. Usually Japanese have good French/Italian fusion cuisines.

Menu was an IPAD! thats interesting. im not sure whether i like this idea or not. I always think a piece of paper/menu is always better and special.

Ipad Menu


St Regis guests have a special menu which is slightly cheaper and better. This is today’s menu. I had to prompt them for this menu however.

St Regis Rue D’Or Menu

I opted for the 3 course wine pairing for I think 3000 yen which was cheap.

Glass of Champagne
Amuse Bouche to start. 
Amuse Bouche
Next up was Lobster, Cavier and gratin served in a shell. I think you get all the good stuff in one hit. Check this out. It was pretty good. 
Lobster, Cavier and gratin served in a shell.

Gotta have some bread in a French restaurant.

French Bread
My next glass of white wine. 
White Wine

Next up was a sweet garlic galette with a salad of asparagus and plum tomato.

sweet garlic galette with a salad of asparagus and plum tomato

A bit of a soup next which was an chilli avocado soup with tortilla chips

chilli avocado soup with tortilla chips

interesting interior.

St Regis Rue D’Or interior
Next was a John Dory Fillet with aubergine caviar and olive tapenade. We were pretty full at this point. But there was more to come. 
John Dory Fillet with aubergine caviar and olive tapenade.

Final dish was duck breast with lavender, fennel and peach puree. It was wonderfully presented. The chef was French and you can see the French cooking and presentation.

Duck breast with lavender, fennel and peach puree
Finally, dessert! I think this was a reaspberry creme brulee. It was made to perfection. 
Raspberry Creme Brulee
The St Regis Bar was quite popular according to reviews and it looked awesome. It was hard not to come in as you had to past here to get back to your hotel room. As platinum guests, there was a special where you buy one whisky get one free. 
St Regis Bar

Before dinner, we saw a couple and the girl had some flowers as well. Anyway they eventually moved into the bar. Probably has dating her or was about to propose? Who knows. Quite funny seeing Japanese couples date. The interior had some Japanese painting (obviously of Osaka seeing the castle there) But there was also a touch of New York.

Inside St Regis Bar
Drinks were not cheap but as SPG members, drinks were discounted. The bartender was a female as well! Pretty unusual but cool. I had a negroni and it didn’t disappoint. 
IK had a mojito which was pretty well executed. 

You cannot come to Japan without having one of their famous whiskys. Note some of the prices!


Whisky Menu

I had no choice but to order one! I’m sorry I even forgot what I had!

Japanese Whisky on rocks

Bottom Line – Japanese can also do good Western Food. This place was quite worth it for the quality and being a St Regis guest, the special was a no brainer. I thought service was a bit lackluster maybe because we came late so everything seemed rush. They had waiters who had fairly good english so we were quite impressed

Tip – have the set menu if you’re staying at the hotel. You get a better price/menu.

Rating – 16/20

Address : Japan, 〒541-0053 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Honmachi, 3−6−12