Gyu Katsu

IK found Gyu Katsu in her guide book. Fairly local place in Shibuya and we have heard good things about it. There’s alot of construction going on around the area so took us a bit longer to find. Gyu Katsu opens at 10 or 11am so we were the first ones there. after 20 mins, there was already a long queue. This only seats about 10 or 12 people max in a small basement. Here is the sign outside.

Gyu Katsu

Obviously know what it is famous for. Similar to katsu chicken its just katsu beef. (Deep fried)

Gyu Katsu

People queue even on the stairs to check this place out. Most of the customers are young students or overseas visitors and you could see why it is so popular. It is pretty cheap and good quality.

another sign down the stairs

The menu is pretty straight forward. All they have is Gyu Katsu and pretty much nothing else. So you just choose which size set you want and whether you want to have taro or no taro on your rice.

Gyu Katsu Menu

They have all the cabbage ready for the customers.

Getting Cabbage ready

What was interesting was this little small stone grill. You can grill your beef as it is pretty much medium rare inside a bit longer if you like it a bit more cooked. It gives a different texture and flavour.

Mini Stone Grill

For foreigners, they even teach you the ways to eat gyu katsu. You could have wasabi and soy sauce, horseradish or just with salt.

How to eat menu

Here it is. I think ours were like 150g or so. We didn’t want to have too much as we usually like to have more than a few meals throughout the day.

Gyu Katsu

I chose to have taro as well. you can have one more bowl of rice if you’re hungry. I heard a young man say a second BIG BOWL please and it was as requested mountain high.


Bottom line

It was delicious. Maybe i should order the 300g or whatever size up they had next. It was just enough but just so delicious and juicy and tender.

Tip : go there early!

Rating 14.5/20

Address : Address: 3-18-10 Shibuya | B1F Ono Bldg. 2-Gokan, Shibuya 150-0002, Tokyo Prefecture