Tonkotsu – Soho London

Tonkotsu Bar And Ramen

Like most places we had to wait. Not too long though probably 15 mins. we looked at the menu and were pretty shocked 10-11 pounds per bowl of noodles. It’s like the same price but in AUD back home.

Menu outside Tonkotsu Ramen

Obviously they specialise in ramen. They also do things like karaage etc. The ramen are quite different even though you have the well known tonkotsu (pork bone soup) broth.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Apparently they have a noodle making machine and they make their noodles. I’m not sure but it’s a rare sight seeing skips cooking at a ramen bar.

Skip chefs

Can’t go wrong with a kirin.


On this board, basically tells us about the owner going to Japan and met this old guy who told him you must make your own noodles. So he did.

They story about Tonkotsu

Karaage was crunchy and good.


The seafood ramen was good. had a fish on top and caviar on the top. Not conventional ramen but modern i guess.

Seafood Ramen

IK had the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen. However, she said Momotaro Ramen in Richmond was better.

Tonkotsu Ramen



It was pricey for ramen. I like how they modernised it a bit. Karaage was good. but one thing – i don’t agree with this 12.5% discretionary service charge. Plonk a bowl of ramen at you and you eat and finish. I don’t know that service charge is required for that. Sorry London.


63 Dean St, London W1D 4QG, United Kingdom
+44 20 7437 0071

Restaurant Cofoco Denmark

Missed out on going to Noma this time round. Despite the fact that we glued our eyes on our screens waiting for the seating to open 3 months prior. We just arrived in Copenhagen and had no clue where to eat. Best way was to google! So went through visit Copenhagen and found this place walkable from the hotel.

Copenhagen apparently well known for it’s food and prices!

Cofoco Menu

Copenhagen had alot of rye bread. This came with a sauce and the bread was warm. Nice.


Had a Jacobsen Beer. Almost as good as Belgium Beer.

Fadol – Jacobsen Beer

So we went for a four course menu. First up was scallops, cauliflower puree, cucumber, dill and rye crumble. This was well presented and tasted well.

Scallops dish

You get to either order a la carte or choose from a 4 or 5 or 6 course menu. We opted for the 4 course menu.


the next dish was Mussel soup. Crab, pea puree, yoghurt, lemon oil and croutons. I tell you what. This was probably the best soup I’ve had in a long long time. Creamy, the flavours married together.

Mussel Soup

Scandanavian food is very uncomplicated, but they do things well. The next dish is a Veal brisket – corn, cabbage, frikcasse and tarragon.

Veal Brisket

The Raspberry sorbet reduced cream with liqourice, dried raspberries, white chocolate and raw liqourice. I never liked liqourice. But my god, the way they did liqourice with the dish was amazing. It was actually crunchy and blended well with the fresh raspberries you get in Scandanavia.

Raspberry Sorbet

The place was on a corner shop and in the basement which seems a bit hidden. But I guess this is a hidden gem you find once in a while. Loved the food. Best meal we had in Copenhagen.


Rating : 14.5/20

Atmosphere : Friendly waitress who has an Aussie boyfriend! Maybe thats why we got good service.

Go to dish : go for the set menu. Experience it all and the beer.

Address :

Abel Cathrines Gade 7, 1654 København, Denmark

+45 33 13 60 60

Le Souffle Review Paris

Paris was raining like no tomorrow. Almost every day it rained. We were heading off to Denmark this afternoon so we felt like some souffle as we didn’t have it during this trip. We heard about this place on a guide book and it was close to La Fayet and on the way back to the hotel. It was during a weekday so they had a lunch special.

Le Souffle Menu

They obviously specialised in souffle and had different liquors for their souffles on show.

French Liquors

We both went for the lunch special which included sparking water or wine. We went for the sparkling water.

Badoit Sparking Water

Gotta have your bread in France.

French Bread

Came with a salad as well.


French orchid as well on the table

French Orchid

IK went for the chicken souffle with sauce and then a dessert souffle after.

Chicken Souffle

I went for a main course fries with chicken instead. The fries were amazing

Chicken and Fries

The sauce that went into the souffle.

Chicken and sauce that goes into the souffle
Line up of Grand Marnier

There was a whole cabinet filled with grand mariner.

A close up

The souffles were huge! I wondered how many egg whites goes into one of these. So I went for the grand marinier souffle. The waiter dug a little hole and filled it and then poured it around. It was soft and amazing.

Grand Marnier Souffle

IK went for a sour cherry chocolate one. I ended up having 1.5 souffles.

IK’s souffle

Finished with a coffee… I miss Melbourne so much!


A little cute card to keep afterwards!

Le Souffle card

Beautiful shop front.


Rating : 14/20

Dish of the day : Obviously the souffle. but the main was also nice. Grand Marnier souffle for sure

Tip : Go for lunch, lunch special is quite reasonable.

Tip 2 : Don’t have 2 souffles. its too much!

Le Souffle

36,rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, France

Le Jules Verne Review

We have never been to Europe let alone to one of the world wonders – the Eiffel tower. You’d be blown away by how majestic this famous tower is. You’d be able to spot it a mile away and to be able to dine up there as well is once in a lifetime experience everyone should do.

The Eiffel Tower

The restaurant we were going to was the Le Jules Verne – a one star michelin restaurant. It had its own lift up to the restaurant which saves you from queueing up and you don’t have to buy a separate ticket up as well.

Le Jules Verne entrance

A few more snaps before we head up.

View from the bottom up

Once you enter, you are greeted and you have to go through security before entering.

Inside the lobby area

Took this just before heading up the lift

Big mirror before the lift

The dining area is at the 123m the second level, theres a higher observatory deck you can also up to as well.

Display of how tall the building is

You are able to see through the glass so you have an idea about this whole gigantic tower.

Views from the lift

More pics inside the lift

view from the lift

More pics from the lift

Views from the lift

And more pics.

More Views

Once we got up you were welcomed to your table and maybe because i booked early, we got a window seat. Upside down palte and some funky cutlery.

Table setting

We didn’t really used these to eat but it was just for show i guess?!

Le Jules Verne Cutlery

I enjoyed the ambiance too!

Me enjoying the views


Had some cheese sticks and a bottle of sparking orezza to start.

Orezza Sparkling

For lunch you can choose to have their degustation or a 3 course meal. We chose the 3 course meal and it was ample.

The Menu

Went for a French beer – 1664 Kronenburg.

1664 Kronenborg

IK had a mocktail.

IK’s mocktail

Even the butter was shaped in an Eiffel Tower!

Butter Shaped Eiffel Tower

The French Pastries and bread are just so damn good.

French Bread

First course was an amuse bouche – tuna with some cut up asparagus drizzled with olive oil. It was very tasty despite being simple.

Amuse Bouche

The first entree was a half smoked salmon, tangy vegetable and herb tartare. The texture of the salmon was unbelievable. Look how even the herb tartare is immaculately dotted from a big size to a small dot.  It was a lovely combination.

Salmon Entree

When you’re in France, you gotta have escargots right? IK had the Helixberrin Snails, warm marmalade and parsnip jus. I had one of these and I was definitely in France.

Helixberrin Escargot

For the main course I had the corn-fed chicken fricasse, tomato stuffed in tomato. I tell you what. The french do amazing sauces, and this was one of the best jus/sauces I have ever tasted. It wasn’t just a simple chicken dish, there was a lot of thought into the sauces and the stuffed tomato was very interesting. Lots more tomatoes inside that which really married well with the chicken.

Corn-fed chicken main

IK had the grenobloise pollock, quick sauteed spinach with swiss chard leaves. She said it was very tasty and it looked and sure did.

IK’s main course

Now onto dessert. This was probably the highlight of the meal. Crunchy tower nut, chocolate from our factory in Paris. Inside this was crunchy and so much bite, it was rich, but it was devilishly good. The ice-cream helped a bit to cut through the sweetness but it was sweet but so addictive.

Tower Nut Chocolate

It also came with some pralines, macarons, a whole friggin bowl of marshmallows and pastries. I mean how the hell do you finish all of this.

Pastries, Marshmallows, chocolate

The praline chocolates were devlishly good too.


IK’s main was a Melba Peach our way. with cream on top. Raspberry on the side. It looks better than it tasted. Should have went for option 3. It wasn’t bad but not as good as my devilishly chocolate crunchy nut.

Melba Peach Our way

Hmmm after one bite, you’re in chocolate heaven.


We really couldn’t finish the rest…

Unfinished desserts

But we definitely had to take a photo of us having lunch at the most romantic place on earth possibly.

Us Dining at Le Verne Jules

The chef’s book ‘Ducasse’ and other things for sale as well.


We also got to take home some goodies and the menu home!


After the meal, you are able to go down a floor to the observatory deck and look around and it was amazing. The best short cut and perk if you hate lining up queues.

Bottom Line

Loved it, it lived up to its 1 star Michelin rating and it was pure French. So French so good. The jus and the sauces were so damn good it really lives with you.

Would I go back ? No doubt

Dish of the day : hard but my main course was very delicious.

Rating : 16.5/20

Avenue Gustave Eiffel, Paris, France

01 45 55 61 44

Pedra Alta Review Paris

We were tired but wanted to stay awake once we arrived. We arrived in the morning and couldn’t check in yet so we travelled around town a bit. IK was reading forums and blogs and we decided to try this Seafood restaurant near Marcel Sembat station. Looking at tripadvisor, it wasn’t so promising – ranked #2005. We’ve been walking all day so we were pretty hungry so we were up for anything.

Pedro Alta

When we arrived, there were already a swarm of mainlanders waiting to get into the restaurant. The funny thing is, the restaurant doesn’t open till like 7pm. So at 6pm, you see all the mainlanders waiting and seeing the staff eat first! Very unusual. We waited for about 40mins or so and when it opened, we got a spot quite quickly. There wasn’t any line for the queue it was just get in when you can! Pedra Alta is a chain restaurant and have quite a few around Paris. This one was closest to the metro so it was the easiest to get to.


Pedro Alta

Theres quite an array to order but we opted for the cooked seafood platter which comes with Paella. We ordered some sparkling water and wines ( which were terrible so no photos)

Sparkling water Badoit

We made a huge mistake. We ordered this platter for 2. but seriously it can feed 100 refugees with this. Had mussels, chips, prawns, lobsters, crab with their dipping sauce. Also came with a Paella with soup on the side.

Cooked Seafood Platter

Thats wheat happens when you travel and eat, you tend to OVER order. It was substantial indeed.

Seafood platter closeup

The lobster was good. I mean it wasn’t overcooked and it came off the shells nicely meaning its fresh. There was just too much food. and we did the best we could for 2 people. Also there was squid, crab mousse etc. It definitely isn’t for someone who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty coz it was just messy as cracking shells etc.

not even 1/4 way through this

My Bottom line

Its really worth it for about 80 euros including drinks. it’s fresh and we were happy with the seafood. Its pretty close from the metro but i’m not sure about fighting a spot with all the mainlanders and the odd waiting until 7pm to get in. Very unusual. It’s no fine dining or any major french cooking techniques involved.

Tips – if you like seafood – this is what you get and good value. Order maybe for 1 first before ordering more, its just way too much. Don’t order the wines as they are foul.

Rating – 13/20


6, Avenue Du Général Leclerc
92100 Boulogne
Tél: 0 146 035 404

next up Eiffel Tower Restaurant! Les Jules Verne!

Abu Dhabi to Charles De Gaule Paris

After a long Taxi we finally got to the terminal. Abu Dhabi is a massive airport with many connections to other countries. There were a few terminals as well.

Abu Dhabi Airport

Etihad premium lounge was pretty big and packed. Can’t believe how many passengers were flying or had status. Doesn’t really makes sense. Seems like a contract lounge where people can use their priority pass or pay to get in lounge.

Etihad Premium Lounge

There were plenty of seats around and oodles of space. But getting a seat was pretty hard. I wanted to go for the free 15 min massage so we quickly went to six senses to check it out.

Etihad Lounge

There were many options but i opted for a neck and shoulder massage. I was told to come back at 12:20am so around 30 mins wait. It was very well organised they had staff everywhere and a queue obviously as well.

Six Senses Menu
Six Senses Spa

There’s also a style and shave if you wanted a haircut or a shave or get your manicure done.

Style and Shave Etihad Lounge

The Massage was lovely, my masseur was an Indian and we got chatting about how he came about to Abu Dhabi and cricket. I then had a shower afterwards which was in the same area. The showers were clean and had attendants. Comparable to Cathay showers.

Etihad Shower
Etihad Toilet

There was a large bar as well and you could order anything you liked. It was about time for boarding so I took a few more snaps just so show how humongous this lounge was.

Etihad Bar Seats
Etihad Lounge Bling

The boarding area was like flying domestic jetstar again. PACKED like sardines. We still had to wait as business class passengers

Boarding Gate

There was a business class/first class bus to take us to the plane. Still disappointed they didn’t have BMWs for their first class passengers.

Bus to the plane
Premium class Bus

Saw lots of planes on the way to ours.



We flew the Boeing A340 which still has 3 classes First / Business / Economy. I was fairly impressed with first class so comparing the business class would be great.

Boeing A340.

In business class, there are 28 business class seats in a 1 – 2 – 1 formation. However every alternate seat in the window side or the central seats either face out or face in. I don’t get why they need to make it facing out on the aisle. Sort of makes sense in the middle if you don’t know the person but there are other products out there which are better. Cathay for example. IK was pretty happy as she wouldn’t be able to see me for the rest of the flight.

Business Class seat

These seats were fully lie flat beds but they really are cramped. I’m 181cm, and my legs were squished up the end when reclined fully. They also have a fold down table which you can make it go closer to you or further depending if you are working / eating a meal. Also comes with amenity kit and a thick blanket.

Etihad Pearl Business class seat
Glass of Champagne
Business Class menu

As with all business seats, a glass of champagne was necessary. They had a champagne Jacquart brut ‘Mosaique’ from France which was nice.

Drinks Menu
Menu Cont.

The Amenity kit aint as big as the first class one and didn’t come with pyjamas and slippers. comes with the usual toothbrush etc.

Amenity kit

Theres’ a bottle of water already in the bottle holder.

bottle of water

Your seat number and light was located on this ‘thing’.

Seat no.

Noise cancellation headphones were just in a plastic bag. I don’t think they’re any different to the first class ones to be honest. Again not great quality ones either.


I actually thought the service from the business class crew were better. The flight was packed and had to look after 28 passengers on business class however they did a good job. When I asked for service they came promptly. I ordered some cheese from the any time menu after a few hours sleep. This was very good.

Cheese platter

Breakfast came and I really didn’t feel like eating much. However I tried my best. I thought the eggs were slightly under done. Otherwise nothing fancy and special about this breakfast.


The controls were not as fancy as the first class touch screen. It was just on a panel next to you. Had the massage functions etc which was more like a buzz than anything else.


You definitely couldn’t work through the centre aisle seats if you got the outside seats like we had. Even if you tried reaching over with you hand it was too far.

Centre Aisle seats

Switched on the air show and we were almost there. The E-BOX wasn’t as good as the first class one as you could watch live television. Screen was quite small as well.

Air show

Getting through immigration and customs was a breeze at Charles De Gaulle. They didn’t really care i thought! Again we were greeted by the Etihad chauffeur drivers and this time we had an E CLASS merc. yay!

Merc Chauffeur

Our driver didn’t speak much english i think, but it was comfortable. The centre consoles had bottles of water and the trip took about 30 mins. Saved about 45 euro if you took uber to our hotel.


Overall, I thought there are other better hard product business class seats out there like Cathay Pacific. It was squishy and wasn’t really long enough for me.  Maybe I was too spoilt by the first class seats and downgrading was a bad option. The soft product was good and couldn’t complain. And even if you’re booked on a business award like me, you are eligible for a chauffeur service and pretty much go anywhere you like in Paris.

If I had to choose, first class would be my pick. However, the new Business class seats in the A380 or dreamliners might be much better I heard so hard to tell until I’ve tried those products.

Rating 14/20










Mel to Abu Dhabi 777 First Class

This trip I booked in April had some twists and turns. I’m pretty excited we’re able to get some seats on one of the big 3 middle eastern carriers. Well sitting first in any carrier is good.

I used 90k AA points to fly the first league in first class (14 hour trip) and business to Paris. I guess for around 2k when i bought these points as dividend miles was quite worth. I orginally booked business class for the 2 trips but first availability popped up and I couldn’t not take that chance. I wanted to try the A380 but no real availability.  The beauty about etihad is they have a complimentary chauffeur service with business / first class passengers. So I booked a car and it was smack on time. Doraemon-san had a flight to catch to Sydney so he came along well. Poor Chauffeur company I called the night before to confirm my booking and they said it wasn’t there! anyway Etihad ended up calling the chauffeur company and sorted it out. etihad will happily drive you from up to 80km away!

Our car to the airport.

Came a Holden which was spacious inside and had lot of grunt. The driver seemed to be in a rush, sped most of the way! Hope he doesn’t get a speeding ticket.

our Driver holding up my name
From the inside.

We got to the airport quite quickly and checked in at the counter. It took a while as they had issues getting our baggage to CDG and i was frantically trying to get better seats to Paris.

Etihad Check in Counter

First time flying out overseas on a very different carrier felt a bit weird. Unfortuntely, etihad doesn’t have their own lounge in MEL and they codeshare it with the KORU lounge. There’s also no AMEX lounge in MEL so there was no real choice and their United lounge has closed so I can’t even used my Priority pass. The Koru lounge was pretty ordinary. I felt the Qantas domestic lounge was better than this. Its a round shape lounge with a business centre, kids area, buffet, alcoholic drinks and some view of the tarmac but couldn’t see much when we were there. Food was pretty horrible and I knew I was going to have a good meal on etihad anyway so didn’t eat much and just had a few drinks.

Air NZ Koru Lounge
Business Centre
Kids Area
Koru Lounge had communal tables and various seating around

As mentioned, the food selection was poor. Aweful for an international lounge.

The Food selection
NZ lounge Food spread
And more
Fridge with New Zealand wines/beers etc.

So ended up having some cheese and crackers, curry and horrible rice.


They did have some showers which was decent enough. I’m not sure how often people have a shower here and if they tend to clean up often as well.


NZ lounge shower

Boarding was about 40 mins before take off which was good as we could spend longer in first class.

Emirates flight next to our Etihad 777
Seemed like there was alot of people around
Here is our beast

We were the ONLY ones in first class today and pretty much had 2 people looking after us. The flight attendant Anna and Alesandro the on board chef. Yes can’t believe we get our own chef in first class. We were settled in the middle seats in the front. The seats are huge and had its own sliding doors for privacy. They aren’t that high so flight attendants walking by can see what you’re up to. We had our own mini bar which i wasn’t too fazed as it’s far too warm for sparking water and you have a anytime menu anyway. There’s a partitions if you want more privacy or if you don’t know the person next to you. The seats probably aint as comfy as Cathay first class seats but it’s still quite nice.

IK in her throne
Pecky in first class!

Our TV was humongous.

Etihad 777 First Class TV- HUGE

All suites are enclosed so you can have ultimate privacy. If travelling alone, the side seats are the way to go. You get to have 3 windows as well.

First Class Enclosed Suite

Its a lovely product indeed.

more views of Etihad 777 First Class

Probably not as wide as the Cathay Seat but ample. Its leather and its really nice.

The Seat itself

A touch screen to recline the seat/make a bed etc. and noise cancellation headphones which i found to be pretty poor quality. 2 sets didn’t work properly so I used my BOSE ones instead.

Cancellation headphones and touch screen controls for the seat.

Lift up the lid and you have all your other controls for the TV, power, USB, Ethernet etc.

TV controls etc.

Anna offered me a drink to start. Of course you can’t go astray with a class of champagne. La Grande Annes Bollinger 2005 Brut. This was a nice champagne and is around over $100 AUD per bottle. Dan murphys is selling the 2004 for $210!

A very nice Champagne.

IK had the Duval Leroy Rose, France, NV which retails under $50 AUD a pop. Much cheaper!

IKs Rose
Anna holding the bottle

Came with some dates and some arabic Coffee

Nice tray to present the little goodies.

Here is the mini bar which is room temp. I don’t see the point of this. Emirates do have a nice mini bar and maybe they need to make it cold.

Etihad mini Bar

Etihad does a nice A LA CARTE menu and the any time menu so you can have the meal whenever you like. Alesandro recommended the King Prawns and the tenderloin special.

Etihad menu
Etihad Menu
Drinks list
And more wines
Menu and ALL day menu

I had the A LA CARTE menu and pretty much skipped the All day Dine menu as i was stuffed.

Food Menu
First Class Menus

Amenity kit included Bergamot goodies, pyjamas and slippers.

Etihad Amenity kit

Ceiling looked like it was looking through. You’ll see in a minute why this is a cool thing

Etihad Ceiling

Anna pouring Arabic coffee

Arabic Coffee

GOLD blanket and pyjamas which i thought was very comfortable.

Pyjamas and blanket

Etihad Amenity kit was nice.

Amnity kit
Arabic Dates
My second glass of champagne

Little welcoming letter signed by the cabin manager which I felt wasn’t that attentive. Didn’t really serve us but did say initially, ” please let me know if you require anything. i mean anything at all.” and also asked if we wanted to buy duty free which we were not interested at all.

Welcoming letter

There a little coat closet for maybe one THIN coat. It was very narrow. Also had a mirror which i thought was nice.

Coat Closet

The E-BOX was amazing but i would like them to have more newer movies. The best thing about this was there was LIVE TV. I was watching Man Utd getting frustrated by Newcastle at 30000 feet. Pretty damn good.

Doraemon-san’s favourite

It’s going to be a 14 hour flight!

Flight show

Theres also a forward/Back and landscape camera

Camera Views

Just wanted to show you some bling on these partitions.

Enclosed suite bling doors

Chef Alejandro. Very Attentive chef and even made our bed!

Etihad Chef taking menu orders

It’s time to get changed!

Close up of the leather
Time to get changed!

Cathay now has bose headphones in first and they are the gold standard. these were pretty average.

noise cancellation headphones

They came around with some mags. Thought I might find ideas to be a billionaire.


Here comes a starter. I totally forgot what it was but it was some fish i think but beautifully presented.


Some bread and olive oil and butter.


Checked out what they used. NIKKO fine bone china which i think is pretty famous.

NIKKO fine bone china

Table set. I thought Anna did a brilliant job. Everything was immaculate. Up to the standards to pecky.

Table all set.

I asked the chef which wines I should have. He recommended the Shiraz.


From Margaret River, pretty cheap wine actually 21 bucks from Dan Murphys. Pretty good though.

IK’s table all set up

The mini touch screen can massage different areas, control the partition that goes up, make it into a bed etc.

Mini Touch Screen

Came some take off drinks and some appetisers. IK had some dried wasabi nuts which she was intrigued about as you can see.

IK’s wasabi nuts

Had a Mojito for take off, vege chips, olives and nuts. The drinks were tall and done well.

Mojito and small snacks.

Up in the air.


Bit of a palate Cleanser. Like a raspberry sorbet.

Rasberry Sorbet palate cleanser

The King Prawns were really good. A little salad in a interesting bowl with some renkon. Prawns were a little spicy but delicious.

Chilli Crusted King Prawns

IK had the mezze as I wanted to try some of it out as well .I preferred they had 4 or 5 small bowls to put each one.


I thought it was free for first class passengers but I asked the chef and said it wasn’t true. So I decided to buy a flight pass for $21.95 USD as it lasts 24 hours and can be used on our next connecting flight. It was pretty quick and consistent.

Etihad Wifi

IK wanted to have the Tiramisu


Also made a mess due to the turbulence.

IK’s mess

IK had a fish special. She said it was pretty good.

Fish special with broccolini

My tenderloin was good with brocollini. I asked for medium rare and they delivered medium rare. On Cathay I asked for medium rare they gave me over cooked meat.

Tenderloin special

I pretty much skipped the any time menu until the morning as I was absolutely knackered after a busy week. Alejandro asked if he could make the bed behind where we were sitting which i thought was nice. It was comfortable enough with a mattress, blanket as well. But I thought the Cathay bed was much nicer. However its a nice touch to see stars to sleep.

Sleeping flat at 30k feet

here is the bed made, with a bottle of water during the night.

Bed made at 30000 feet

Starry starry night. Nice touch.

Stars on the 777 etihad

Felt like a wake up fruit latter and a mocktail to wake me up.

Fruit Platter

The partition can go up and it is very private if you don’t know your neighbour. Unlikely though.


Had a tea in the morning with some baklava.

Mint Tea before landing.

Didn’t really have breakfast as i was so full but the flight attendant said would you like to try some pancakes the chef has made? So had a banana pancake with jam. Then we had some crossiants and another mocktail.

DSCF4119 DSCF4118 DSCF4117



Landing at Abu Dhabi Airport
Man city plane!
Virgin plane








The landing was pretty smooth, but the taxi was unbelievably long. maybe 20 mins just to get to a remote stand!

One Mile at a Time mentioned you may get BMW chauffeur service to the terminal but that didn’t happen either. Big let down.

Sorry I’ve ran out of space on my wordpress. I’ll have to consider getting hosting now. Theres a couple more pics but it might be a while so i’ll end it here for now.

Bottom Line

  • NZ lounge was disappointing. Not worth going.
  • Loved the seat, the food and the onboard chef was superb. Perfect for pecky. Anna was lovely but we both thought there was some cultural issues in which female served the female and the male served the male.
  • Had the first class cabin all to ourselves
  • Thought service lacked at times pressed the bell once and took a while before they came. Didn’t think the in flight manager was attentive esp to their first class passengers.
  • Business class passengers shouldn’t be allowed to walk up and down the aisle in first class and use the toilet.

Would I go back on Etihad again?

  • Most likely. I’ll definitely want to try to dreamliner and the A380 first class for sure.

Rating – 15/20