Tonkatsu and Zakuro Shabu Shabu

We have been staying at Tokyo Park Hotel which is around a 10 min walk from Shimbashi station (JR line). Every day when we walk to the station, we saw this shop underneath the Shimbashi station complex. They sell onigiris and rice soup. It’s designed for a quick eat going to and fro work. There is a vending machine and you choose your meal and they ask whether you want a big rice or small rice. We just wanted to share this rice with some salmon and seaweed. It’s a nice breakfast.

Rice Soup with Salmon and Seaweed

It was a shopping day today, so we went to Shinjuku and checked out some of the department stores. IK wanted to eat Tonkatsu, so we ventured up Takashimaya department store to Katsukura. We ordered a Rosu Cut Tonkatsu set. Rosu is the more fattier cut, whilst HI RE is the leaner cut. Obviously tastes better when its fat. There’s a few appetisers included in the set. Some veges to start.


IK wanted the tofu.

Tofu Appetiser

all these Tonkatsu restaurants usually comes with a Tonkatsu sauce and sesame that you grind first and dip in. Also is a ponzu sauce for the sliced cabbage. (I can eat a kilo of this I reckon)


You can see the fat lining one side of the pork. It was divine. Crunchy on the outside, the fat rendering gives that juice and makes the pork much more moist.

Rosu Tonkatsu

It was a rainy day so there wasn’t much excitement. We were meeting up with my host family which I was quite excited about. They took us to have Shabu Shabu in Nihonbashi station called Zakuro. It was quite hidden, you had to walk down some stairs to get to this place. I knew it was going to be an expensive place as the staff come and greet you and take your belongings to store. It’s a place where lots of businessmen take their clients and do some PRing.

Started off with some sesame Tofu.

Sesame Tofu

Some more fish testicles…. Shirako with lemon. Love this stuff. Just love fish balls.

Shirako (Fish Milt)

Now I have totally forgotten what I ate here. It was a savoury jelly. I couldn’t remember what was in it though…

Jelly appetiser.

Check out these big pots where you shabu shabu in them. Host family told us its called shabu shabu because it mimics the sound when you move the meat around the hot pot.

Shabu Shabu Pot

Lady pouring some more hot water in.

Lady pouring more hot water in.

Just love the shabu pot.

Shabu Shabu pot

Comes with a few sauces when you have the wagyu meat. The sesame or the ponzu sauce. Both were nice.

Sauces that come with it

Look at the warble of the meat. Snow in meat.


And more just for you.

More marbling

I really don’t know how this gadget works but it is just fascinating. The water has to be boiling hot.

Looks like a little chimney

Had some noodles as well to finish off. this was cooked in the shabu shabu pot after we finished our meat.

Egg noodles

Some pickles with the noodles.


Dessert to finish off. Red bean with mochi.

Red bean with mochi

Group shot!Oh yes, we had aprons as well!


I’ve been to better shabu shabu places, but it was nice to have a meal and catch up with your loved ones. My host brother hasn’t changed too much, still really couldn’t understand his english at times!

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Aka Shiro Review


Menu at Aka Shiro

Reminds me of going to Japan when we visit Aka Shiro. I have been to Japan numerous times and love the food, the meticulous nature of how they cook. This little Japanese homely cafe has been our little lunch spot on weekends. Place is Japanese owned and run, menu mainly includes Teishoku (Set menu with rice and miso soup), some curries and main dishes. They also have specials which is written on a lid of a pod which is usually in different colours. Everything in this eatery is based on wooden benches and stools which i think the owner assembled himself i heard him saying once.

packed on the weekend.

Pretty packed today which is usually the case on weekends. Pretty popular with the locals. They also have dinners on Fri and Saturday nights.


Even the entrance is very Japanesy, “Noren” it is called in Japanese.

Nice little spot in Collingwood

Some more Japanese arty Deco.

Grapefruit Juice and Ginger Beer with lime

They have various drinks and a liquor licence. They have a home made lemonade which they soak these sliced lemons in a jar with some dried lemon peel in it. They also have daily special juices, wines, beers as well.

All Teishoku comes with miso soup and rice

When we first came here, we had the most gigantic Tonkatsu ever. They gradually took it off the menu but still has the Hitokotsu Tonkatsu which is smaller now. I opted for the Teishoku which comes with some super tasty miso soup (which has daikon in it!) and rice. Other items on the menu worthy of trying are the scotch fillet teishoku.

Karrage Curry

IK opted for the Kaarage curry. The batter they used to fry the chicken thighs were crunchy and delicous. Too bad the portions have decreased since we been here last, maybe becuase they said we go the LAST kaarage order.

Hitokutsu tonkatsu Teishoku

The set comes with freshly sliced cabbage, some carrot puree and potato salad. As with all Tonkatsu and fried chicken, comes with some hot english mustard and Tonkatsu sauce. Nice and crunchy and very flavoursome. Food here is very homely, something most would eat in a Japanese household.


Theres some tables and bench tops you can choose to sit. Staff are friendly and the kitchen is open so you can see what the chef is up to which is a big plus. If you are looking for a homely Japanese food you should come here.

Dish of the day : Always the Tonkatsu or Kaarage and the home made lemonade.

Rating : 15/20

What’s not so good? : don’t take card during lunch (Fair enough!)

Tips: come for lunch, portions for dinner are a bit small.

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