Tonkotsu – Soho London

Tonkotsu Bar And Ramen

Like most places we had to wait. Not too long though probably 15 mins. we looked at the menu and were pretty shocked 10-11 pounds per bowl of noodles. It’s like the same price but in AUD back home.

Menu outside Tonkotsu Ramen

Obviously they specialise in ramen. They also do things like karaage etc. The ramen are quite different even though you have the well known tonkotsu (pork bone soup) broth.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Apparently they have a noodle making machine and they make their noodles. I’m not sure but it’s a rare sight seeing skips cooking at a ramen bar.

Skip chefs

Can’t go wrong with a kirin.


On this board, basically tells us about the owner going to Japan and met this old guy who told him you must make your own noodles. So he did.

They story about Tonkotsu

Karaage was crunchy and good.


The seafood ramen was good. had a fish on top and caviar on the top. Not conventional ramen but modern i guess.

Seafood Ramen

IK had the traditional Tonkotsu Ramen. However, she said Momotaro Ramen in Richmond was better.

Tonkotsu Ramen



It was pricey for ramen. I like how they modernised it a bit. Karaage was good. but one thing – i don’t agree with this 12.5% discretionary service charge. Plonk a bowl of ramen at you and you eat and finish. I don’t know that service charge is required for that. Sorry London.


63 Dean St, London W1D 4QG, United Kingdom
+44 20 7437 0071